Formed in May 2000, Dead Heaven decided that the new Millennium called for a new band. After endless past projects they no longer wanted to be clever or to change the world, they just wanted to have fun.  Rehearsals began in late May 2000, and Dead Heaven instantly developed it's own personality (with early comparisons being made to Supergrass, Placebo, Tubeway Army, & Joy Division).

Dead Heaven played their debut gig on 05.01.01 headlining at the Square in Harlow, followed in April by a support to Clash City Rockers.  During May of 2001, Dead Heaven developed their sound, introducing a more 'anthemic' style with a view to creating a wider & deeper side to their music.  In April 2001, the band went in to the studio to record a 100% Live CD. The rest of the summer months were spent plugging for gigs and rehearsing.

In October 2001 Dead Heaven played two gigs at the Army & Navy in Chelmsford, the first supporting Sigue Sigue Sputnik. In November the band played with the sextacular Toxic Slut, followed by a support to Kirk Brandon's Spear of Destiny in December.

During 2002, the band supported The Mission and ChangesBowie, played a couple of All Dayers, and continued to write & record new songs (still developing their unique sound).

In February 2003 the band played their London debut at the Devonshire Arms in Kentish Town. This was followed by the release of their debut CD 'The LOST EP' on the 7th of April.  Major line-up changes took place in June 2003 , with Baz & Nino wanting to further develop the darker side of the bands music. The rest of 2003 was spent writing a new set, and experimenting with  the new sound.

On 3rd April 2004 Dead Heaven unleashed the new line-up and sound at the Square in Harlow, which also coincided with the release of their 2nd EP 'THE DARK HALF'.

Further gigs followed in 2004 at the Garage in Highbury, and also Ilford, Eastbourne, and the 'Rock 4' weekender at Tattershall.  During the autumn of 2004 Dead Heaven were asked to assist the launch of SPUTNIK 2 by Martin Degville, and the pair became part of the original line-up.

2005 saw the band playing 3 gigs at the Marquee Club in Hertford, and also the 'partnership' of Dead Heaven with History of Guns. On 26.08.05 the band released their 3rd EP entitled 'GATHERING SOULS', a title chosen as recognition of the small but loyal following that had emerged over the past year.  Other gigs at Riga in Westcliff, and the Twist in Colchester followed, with the year closing with support to Thin White Duke at Herne Hill (the 4th Bowie tribute DH had supported in their history).

2006 through to 2009 has seen the band developing new material and playing over 20 shows, with the likes of Xykogen, Trash Monroe, Numen, Puck, Global Citizen, The Thought Criminals, YTDS, Angry vs the Bear, Modesta, and Scary Bitches amongst others.  Dead Heaven also played at Adam Ant's birthday party in November 2007, at 3 of the EXILED events in 2007, with NASH THE SLASH on his UK tour in 2008, and at the Gotham Festival in 2009.

The album is still on it's way........

The rest is future .. Blessed be
DH INFO - November 2009










Dead Heaven would like to thank the following people for their support over the years:

Tony & Steve, Sav, Sean & Rob (The Ronin Alliance) , Grave New World (for keeping the faith), Brian Juniper of Thornwood Studios, Bryan Damage for the blinding lights,  Wayne for his kind words & INTRO, Dirty Degz for his encouragement, Sean ex-the Army & Navy, Des ex-the Square, Pure Evil for the Digital Footage, ChangesBowie, Kev at the Marquee, Steve Loos-Bennett our No1 stalker, Mark & the Herts Clan, Madam Stan DJ extraordinaire, History of Guns, and this SHIT TOWN we live in (for endless inspiration).